Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Jesus

When the Baby Jesus Statue first came to me (besides the obvious damages) it was extremely dingy. As usual, I polished the statue with fine steel wool which brought out a gorgeous patina. The paint on the swaddling cloth was almost all flaked off and the hair was in similar condition. The metal rays behind the head had to be steelwooled as well and polished with brass cleaner. The edges of the metal were extremely sharp and I had to wrap them while I worked on the rest of the statue. Still, a number of scratches could not be avoided. Fortunately, the lovely face needed no repair work. The Baby Jesus was obviously once part of a Nativity Creche. I delivered it to the owner on Dec. 24th so that she might have it for Christmas. But oh, how I longed to keep it for myself!



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