Thursday, March 12, 2009

Infant of Prague III

This small Infant of Prague (about 10") still needs its crown; I am having difficulty in finding materials to replace missing parts. When I do, it will be photographed and uploaded along with the Infant's clothing. Hopefully.

The statue was broken during a fall and the owner attempted to repair it with Superglue. Not the best idea. Usually when I encounter bad repairs I undo them by removing all the glue, re-breaking the statue, if necessary. That was impossible in this case; the Superglue held as advertised. So I tried to gauge out as much of the glue as was possible and replace it with plaster.

I have memorialized the brother, who gave the statue to the owner, by adding a thin layer of plaster to the bottom of the statue and inscribing his name into the plaster. It was then painted with my usual coat of deep red before being gilded. (No photo for privacy reasons)